2016 Tablescapes

Hey guys! Thanks for browsing through the rest of my page and bumping into the only other section that has some type of content! (My bizzad, this page, like my life, is a work-in-progress).  I started my JUNA LOVE LIVING Instagram Journey back in September and I soon found that I LOVED setting up my dining room table, hence all the #tablescape hashtags. In addition, I also found a lot of you! I am so, so, so happy about that and I will totally write another blog post on that, I promise!

Now please note that prior to owning a formal dining room table, I had NO idea how to even properly set a table. After googling ” how to properly set a table” I soon found that, while there are some basic rules, you can pretty much do whatever you wanna do!! So, I was hyped and immediately went to HomeGoods to buy some charger plates (I sound so fancy right….I had to google that too) I played around with what I had but shortly thereafter, I realized that I just NEEDED to have gold silverware.  So back to HomeGoods I went and, of course, they had EVERYTHING that I did not know I would so desperately need.

Below, you will find some of my Fall, Christmas and Wintery Love tablescapes. Feel free to comment with any questions, or since you’re so nice, comment just for commenting!

Hope you find inspiration!



The first four pictures are from my Wintery Love Theme. I am obsessed with Christmas and I was having a hard time parting with Christmas decor. SMH (Major caps lock here!) I decided to incorporate Christmas decorations to this theme. I wanted it to feel wintery and cozy. I used the roses below as ornaments for my tree and then just “plucked” them out for this arrangement. Those white frosted pinecones were also throughout the tree and house so I decided to keep them around. I think it all played out fine and it definitely “eased” my Christmas withdrawals.

Faux plants: IKEA
Faux white roses: Michaels
Mercury glass vase, runner, charger plates, silverware, pillows: HomeGoods
Wall Mirrors by August Grove: Wayfair
Dining table and Chairs: Wolf Furniture


This was my tablescape for the entire month of December! I was actually impressed I didn’t change it around like I typically do. While I went very neutral with my family room and Christmas tree decor using white, gold and black, I wanted a little pop of traditional Christmas colors here so I went with it and it worked out really nice!

Faux Fur: IKEA

Wintery Greenery and mercury glass tea lights: Michaels
Frosty table runner greenery: AtHome
White Pitcher: HomeGoods

Large mercury glass pumpkin: HomeGoods
Black and white pillows: IKEA
Orange faux flowers: Walmart

I loved working on this one! Fresh eucalyptus leaves are my FAVE!!!

Charger Plates, napkins, napkin ring, pillows: HomeGoods
Rose Gold candle holder, Mercury glass pumpkin, table runner: HomeGoods
Silver mercury glass candle stick holder: Michaels

Faux flowers: Walmart
Gold bamboo tray: HomeGoods

Remember when I hosted a contest for my Friendsgiving tablescapes? Well this was the winner!! I ended up adding some small tea lights and removing the large candles on the far ends. It came out so nice and romantic, despite being a Friendsgiving dinner haha! It was 3 couples, so it was fitting.

All pumpkins, silverware, charger plate: HomeGoods
Pillows: IKEA

Wine glasses: Salvation Army Thrift Store

Flowers: Walmart
Table runner, pitcher, pillows: HomeGoods

This pink tablescape was one of the first ones I created. It was so different for me considering I am a very traditional girl when it comes to holiday colors but I have to say this was a huge hit here at home! Girls and hubby loved it!

All pumpkins, white vase, table runner and tableware: HomeGoods
Mercury glass candlestick holders: Michaels

6 thoughts on “2016 Tablescapes

  1. I love your page sis! Congratulations on the huge step! You’ve cleared the hurdle and landed perfectly on your feet. Look forward to what’s to come. Love you!

    -your bro

    1. Hey Bro!! Thank you soooo much for your encouraging comments. Can’t tell you how happy I feel knowing I have so much love and support through you guys! Love you!!

  2. Great job Nancy!!! Your designs are beautiful!! I’m so happy for you!!! Good luck on your future endeavors!

    1. Dior!!!!!!! Thanks for visiting my page! this is sooooo exciting and I am so grateful for your well-wishes <3

  3. Nancy, Your photography is swoonworthy and your decor is elegant, with a mix of fun and creative. All good things. Photography is incredibly important and you are already rocking it! Congrats. XO ~ Julie

    1. Hi Julie, thank you soooo much for stopping by! I’m so humbled by your sweet comments, thank you from the bottom of my heart! As you know, I am so excited for this new journey and I’m looking forward to the good and the bad for I know it’s in those “hard” moments that we truly grow! I really appreciate all your feedback anddd i’m heading to your blog now <3

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