About Me

Growing up, decorating and making spaces look pretty was a big part of my life. I remember before moving to the states (from the motherland, Honduras!) I used to drive my aunt crazy with constant changes throughout the house. Note, this was before turning 8 years old! I was actually a little OCD about it. Who would’ve thought I’d still be the same, just a few years later 😉  Creating, decorating and all things beautiful is pretty much embedded in my DNA and I LOVE IT!

As some of you may know, I am married to the most amazing man ever and I am a stay-at-home-mom to two beautiful, bright and witty girls. I try to work with what I have and the very frugal budget we have set for ourselves. Budgets are crucial in this house. We have a budget for EVERYTHING and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING including home decor. Don’t get me wrong, our system is not perfect, sometimes I break some budgets, more specifically the home decor budget, but I make sure I have an amazing dinner prepped that night 😉

I love staying home with my girls and thrive on being intentional and becoming the “best” version of myself. I also thrive on coffee, cupcakes and anything food related but that’s another topic. When I made the decision to become a SAHM, I wanted to make sure I did not forget about myself, hobbies and passions and that’s how JUNA LOVE LIVING was born!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to learning, growing and sharing my thoughts and ideas, one blog post at a time.