5 tablescapes, using same items, under $26!

Today I want to share with you 5 different ways to style a table, using the same items (some new and a lot old) which cost me $26! That’s pretty much a win-win for hubby and I. I am a happy girl when my house is pretty, and he is a happy man when I save money. Wepa!! (insert red dress dancing girl emoji here!) Continue reading…

Summer is right around the corner and with warm weather come a lot of parties, BBQ’s and quality family time! I don’t have an outdoor sitting area and while I am sure we’re not going to be eating BBQ in this dining room (lets not pretend I am haha), I’m going to live vicariously through all you cool people who do have some type of outdoor sitting area. The truth is, we barely eat in the dining room. So why on earth do I style my table? Well, my dining room is by the entrance of our home so It’s one of the first spaces you see! Why not make that space look beautiful? I also simply enjoy setting our table. Hopefully one day we can remove the carpet in this room and I will most likely use it a lot more than we do now. For now, I’ll keep making it pretty! The tablescapes shown below are simple and cute for indoors and outdoors, functional and cheap! I am sure you can find even more ways to style your table with the items of your choice, but for the purpose of space and time, I’ll leave you with 5!

Here is a list of the items I purchased for these 5 tablescapes:

• 2 wooden boxes (“bloom” and “grow”) from target at $3.00 each (Note: these did go down to $1.50 each wah!)

• 4 Wicker round table chargers from Homegoods at $5.00 each

Note that all the other items shown below were purchased before, therefore, I am not accounting them on my “tab!” As you know, I like incorporating items that I already own, changing them around the house, for a refreshed look. You can do the same, saving yourself money and clutter. Don’t feel like you need to go shopping for all these items. Rather, look around your house and see what you can work with! So here they are, 5 different looks, same items!

Tablescape 1

With Summer quickly approaching, I wanted to incorporate natural elements such as these little white blooms from Michaels, wicker chargers and apples. These apples are faux so they will never rot! However, if you have fresh fruits such as apples, pears, oranges or lemons around, use them. Not only will it look pretty, but you will be able to enjoy it for dessert! If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate that because that means less food prepping for you! As you can tell, I’ve used this black and white table runner since last Fall! (totally proud of that) but for this look, I placed it vertically to change it up a bit! I also wanted this look to feel light and that is why I added these glass bottles I’ve collected over the years. In addition, I also used the same gold silverwear you’ve seen in basically all of my tablescapes. The only difference is I placed them in mason jars for a more informal feel.





Tablescape 2

In this second look, you will see one extra item which is the GROW wooden box. Aren’t these sooooo cute? For this tablescape, I left the everything the same except I added this second wooden box and put the glass bottles inside. I offset them a bit so we can see them both clearly.



Tablescape 3

For this look, I basically took out the glass bottles from the cute wooden boxes and added the mason jars with forks, spoons and knives! Same items, but different feel, right? Right?


Tablescape 4

This one is pretty simple. Wooden boxes out the way, which gives it an even lighter feel.

Tablescape 5

For this final look, I placed the runner horizontally, added both boxes side by side, removed the apples from the plates and placed them on the actual runner. I also added my black and white striped IKEA pillows you’ve also seen a thousand times 😉 That’s it! It’s just a matter of playing around with what you have!





Let me know which one was your favorite! Hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you are inspired to look around your house and use what you already have to create different looks within your home. No need to break the bank for different seasonal items. This idea can be applied to any area of your house. Move items around and you will see that shopping around your house is sometimes better than hitting the stores 😉 Ok, I’m so lying, shopping always feels good, but it feels even better when you know you have a set budget for it. But in the meantime, go shop around your house and save some money, on me!


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